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Manifestos kitchenette and notebook

I have organized and will be taking part in Artport's kitchenette about manifestos.

Nir Harel and I read together many manifestos. We chose the bits we liked and together with non manifesto texts we found relevant, created a booklet to be read together out loud. Also, we asked the kichenette participants to bring and read their own manifestos.

"Continuing in the rich tradition of kitchen table discussions world over, Artport residents invite you to an evening of savory soup, drinks, reading, and discussion well into the small hours of the night. Our focus point for the event – Manifestos

At the kitchen table –

Avi Pitchon compares four manifestos in which he was involved, exploring the transition from political to artistic activism.

Natalia Zourabova examines whether the manifesto she wrote together with members of the New Barbizon group is at all a manifesto.

Hinda Weiss and Nir Harel moderate an evening of manifesto reading – bring your own manifesto with you!"

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