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Law Material - Kunsthaus Dresden

The project “Law Material” takes existing law collections as a starting point to interweave legal, artistic, and associative perspectives on the current legal situation and its manifestations. The project adapts the form of the 'commentary' as a legal practice of exegesis and interpretation and links it to artistic practices: In the sense of appropriation, adaption, or revision, the source texts are critically questioned or complemented with reference to individual and collective experience, socio-politically relevance, and realities of law. Meeting in a two day interdisciplinary workshop at Kunsthaus Dresden, artist Hinda Weiss (Tel Aviv/New York), law scholar Sabine Müller-Mall (Dresden), curator Avi Feldman (Dresden/Berlin), curator and artist Lena Brüggemann (Leipzig) and curator Elisabeth Pichler (Berlin) discuss interrelations and possible interventions of art and law. The audience is invited to debate the questions arising in the course of the workshop in a closing event.

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