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  • Curated by Michali Baror


The exhibition consists of the works of four artist-photographers, Galit Aloni, Lena Gomon, Hinda Weiss, and Shir Raz, who each deal with their point of view in the local landscape.

Landscape photography is based on the convention that the landscape is something uniform and absolute that can be represented in one frozen and isolated image. The four photographers offer in their work, each in its own way, a different image of the local landscape, an image that relies on search, repetition, and multiplicity. Each of them seems to be asking how a complex landscape image can be shown, one that will not be reduced to the one point of view that photography is supposedly committed to. The four of them, it seems, agree to accept the landscape as a dynamic and indefinable thing, as a living landscape that is constantly changing in itself and in relation to the perspective of those who look at it.

Visiting hours at the exhibition:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 19: 00-16: 00

Monday, Wednesday 12: 00-9: 00


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