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  • Jonah Goldman Kay and Cristina Stoenescu

Deep Time - Conversation

After-show online talk with artist Hinda Weiss and Jonah Goldman Kay moderated by Cristina Stoenescu

facebook live online, August 5th, 7pm EAST

[Pentru versiunea în limba română a textului, vizitați:]

Join us on August 5th 7 pm EEST, in an online conversation with artist Hinda Weiss, whose show DEEP TIME curated by Jonah Goldman Kay, inaugurated the E12 art-space at the 2nd floor at the Malmaison Studios in Bucharest, end-of-June 2021.

The talk will be moderated by Cristina Stoenescu, curator of the ARAC Art & Residency Programme. The dialogue between Hinda Weiss and Jonah Goldman Kay will focus on their show in Bucharest and Weiss’s video works, which reflect on the passing of time and its connection with territory and societal rites. The artist creates surreal image-collages that disrupt the viewer’s perception of the flow of time.

Read more about DEEP TIME here:


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