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  • Curators: Ben Livne Weitzman and Tamir Eting

Framing Movements at Suzanne Dellal Centre

My After the Desert Goat will be screened at this one-of-a-kind outdoor exhibition at the beautiful dance center - Suzanne Dellal.

Curated by the talented Curators: Ben Livne Weitzman and Tamir Eting

"The exhibition ‘Framing Movements’, part of ‘Loving Art, making Art. 2022,’ returns to Suzanne Dellal Centre’s orchard, filling it with video and media works that expand the perception of body, movement, and choreography. This year, the exhibition focuses on the concept of movement in its broad social, political and environmental context. The exhibited works present a variety of choreographies dealing with the relationship between man and various geopolitical systems, their encounter with the surrounding uncontrollable and perishing nature, and their own human nature".

Participating Artists: Francis Alÿs, Javier González Pesce, Matan Daskal and Daniel Grossman, Jonathas de Andrade, Hinda Weiss, Annabel Paran, William Forsythe, Ruth Patir, Elham Rokni


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