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Graves and Gardens; Frankfurt Notes

My new book, Graves and Gardens; Frankfurt Notes;

This book is an outcome of a residency at basis Frankfurt. I wandered the streets, public gardens, and cemeteries of the city with the guidance of a postmortem publication of Theodor Adorno Dream Notes.

I had some generous real living human guides on this journey whom I can't thank enough: Jessica, Mona, Barak, Celina, Sara, Christin, Felix, Jacob, Kirk, Sonja, Daniela, Dani, Daniel.

This book was made possible by

Artport Tel Aviv


City of Frankfurt, Department for Culture Frankfurt am Main

Asylum Arts Brooklyn

Editor Hinda Weiss

Photographs Hinda Weiss

Design the studio sunshine

Copyeditor Liron Alon

An Insightful Guide

Celina Lunsford, Artistic Director and Chief Curator

Fotografie Forum Frankfurt

The “Good Place”

Sara Soussan, Curator of Contemporary Jewish Cultures

Jewish Museum Frankfurt

Los Angeles, beginning of 1942

Dr. Jessica Beebone, AIR_Frankfurt

Cultural Office Frankfurt am Main

Published by Produktionsplattform Basis Frankfurt e.V

Co-publisher Sternthal Books Tel Aviv

Printed by Prospektus Nyomda Hungary

All images © Hinda Weiss, 2021

ISBN 978-965-92674-0


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