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  • Michal Baror and Avital Barak


My video, Postcard from el Aviv is featured in Maarav Magazin issue about Abu Kabir.

"Abu Kabi was a small village of immigrants from Egypt on the eastern outskirts of Jaffa in the 1930s, alongside the Daniyat, Hemed and Alarain sakhnat. With the passing years, Abu Kabir and its surroundings underwent many incarnations — from a rural Palestinian area that supplied agricultural produce to Tel Aviv and Jaffa, to a kind of border zone subject to violence, to a center of battle in the 1948 war, to a transit camp (‘ma’abara’) for Jewish migrants and eventually into a public park. The neighborhood has been home to various different institutions, such as an ice factory, a university, a zoological and botanical garden, and others. These days, the spatial conception of Abu Kabir has almost completely disappeared and we mostly consider it in the context of the police detention center and the Institute of Forensic Medicine. However, Abu Kabir and the other sakhnat (whose boundaries are also subject to discussion on the current map) are full of treasures, hidden and in plain sight — starting with the abandoned zoological garden (which was destroyed last year), St. Peter’s church, the Jewish cemetery from the Roman period and many other hidden corners that even after our journey remain unknown to us".


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