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  • Romi Maletz and Danielle Son

on the verge of///A night of video and cinema

Curated by Romi Maletz and Danielle Son

"For one evening, Video and film works will be displayed on the windows of fourteen shops along the streets: Aliya, Lewinsky, Chelnov, the Hebrew Battalion, and VL. Breach.

In each store, one work will be projected on the shop window to be viewed while strolling down the streets.

"On-Threshold" seeks to bring together works of art, viewers, and shops - open businesses, closed businesses, and new shops. The present artists discuss and decipher popular, private and public, civic spaces."

I will be showing my work, 5846, 5851, and 5852, vs. the Population and Immigration Authority.

made in collaboration with Asaf Weitzen.

Photo by Ella Maor


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