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  • Drowning Monuments

Collaboration with Alice Ivy-Pemberton

It has been so wonderful and inspiring to collaborate with Alice Ivy-Nonmember on her interdisciplinary project Drowning Monuments;

"Written, directed, and performed by Juilliard violinist and native New Yorker Alice Ivy-Pemberton, "Drowning Monuments" brings together five newly-commissioned pieces for solo violin by Juilliard composers Jordyn Gallinek, Marc Migó, Iván Enrique Rodríguez, Jonathan Cziner, and Sam Wu, each reflecting a site in the five boroughs of New York City that will be severely threatened by climate change and rising sea levels before the end of the century. Realized with the stunning visuals of Tel Aviv and New York-based video artist Hinda Weiss, "Drowning Monuments" seeks to draw attention to the urgency of our climate crisis and the imperative of our moment through the medium of artistic collaboration".

link to video:

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