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Among Graves and Ruins
multi-channel video installation, 2019


Thesis project, Columbia University. 
Thesis advisor - Matthew Buckingham, curated by Regine Basha. 

For Among Graves and Ruins Weiss filmed in and around the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem, formerly called the Palestine Archaeological Museum. Established by the British Mandate in Palestine, in 1938, with funding from the American John D. Rockefeller, Jr., the Museum holds today a permanent exhibition of local archaeological findings that have remained virtually unchanged since its inception. Thus, serving as a unique time capsule of an early 20th century European historical exhibits. Using techniques of collage and video adaptation, Weiss rearranges the Museum's exhibits into a reconstructed landscape of Jerusalem today. The Installation depicts fragments of the Valley of Decision,  the Tomb of St. James, an archaeological site associated with Ir David settlement, Mount Olive Cemetery, and Silwan neighborhood. All heavily researched and politically charged. Weiss utilizes the glaring bright Middle East sun to inscribe in stone a new imagined dystopian image that resonates with the shattered visions of the past.
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