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Frankfurt Notes at basis, Frankfurt, 2019

Ruins adorned with black and yellow warning ribbons, taking on strange anthropomorphic traits, a swarm of birds circling in fairy-tale surroundings in front of a futuristic tower, an abandoned desk under a glass cube that seems to fluoresce in the middle of a park.
The sources of Hinda Weiss' Frankfurt notes are real through and through, yet the atmospheric images at the same time border on the fantastic, revealing a sometimes surreal, sometimes playfully absurd quality. The photo and video works were taken during a 3-month stay in Frankfurt while walking, searching, and discovering. The city appears strangely unreal through the camera of the wandering visitor. Sometimes completely without, sometimes with only gentle digital interventions, Hinda Weiss lets her images balance on
the border between fiction and reality without dissolving their state of suspension. Ramona Heinlein, 2019

Frankfurt Notes
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