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Postcard from Tel Aviv

2015, Video, 8.23 minutes

Postcard from Tel Aviv is a video done in a technique I developed – a digital collage.

The raptures of Jaffa-Tel Aviv are digitally and surrealistically merged into a romantic, harmonious landscape. Sabil Abu Nabbut, an Ottoman fountain from 1820, is digitally attached to the Jaffa beach of our times, where girls are playing. A frame of a highway is dissolved into the beach, making the girls occasionally “run over” by a passing biker on the sidewalk.

On the horizon, I have placed the Jaffa mosque, interrupted by a construction crane with a gigantic teddy bear hung on its body. Inspired by the colonial postcards of the German Kaiser Wilhelm II’s visit to Palestine in the late 19th century, my digital postcard creates a timeless time that combines the past and the future into an impossible present.

Postcard from Tel Aviv was made with the support of Outset Contemporary Art Fund - Young International Artist Award.

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